5052 Aluminum Square Tube

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5052 Aluminum Square Tube Introduction

5052 aluminum square tube, an extruded aluminum, is widely used in all types of manufacturing projects where light weight and corrosion resistance is a major concern - frame work, support columns, gates, fences, handrails, etc. The aluminum square tube has square corners inside and outside and no welded seams.

Aluminium Square Pipe 3

5052 Aluminum Square Tube Specifications

5052 Aluminum Square Tube
Alloy: 2A12, 2014, 2014A, 2017A, 2024, 3003, 5083, 6005A,  6060, 6061, 6063, 6063A,
6082, 6463, 7020, 7075 etc
Temper: O H112 T3 T351 T4 T42 T5 T6 T651
Out diameter: 10-220mm
Wall thickness: 1.0-60mm
Length: 500-6000mm
Surface treatment Mill finish, anodized, PVDF Painting, Polishing

Chemical composition and mechanical properties of 5052 Aluminum Square Tube

Grade Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Cr Zn Ti Al
5052 0.5 0.5 3.8/4.9 0.30/0.9 1.2/1.8 0.1 0.25 0.15 Balance
Hardness, Brinell :47

Specific Heat 0.88 :J/g-°C

Poisson's Ratio: 0.33

Melting Point :607 - 649 °C

Electrical Resistivity :4.99e-006 ohm-cm

Modulus of Elasticity :70.3 GPa

The chemical composition and mechanical properties provided are general approximations. Please contact our customer service department for material test reports.

5052 Aluminum Square Tube Features

5052 aluminum square tube is a non-heat treated alloy tube with excellent machining quality. Aluminum 5052 offers better corrosion resistance than most aluminum alloys, especially to salt water and marine environments.

This alloy can be easily welded using the most common techniques, in fact, it offers some of the best welding characteristics of any aluminum alloy.

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