6463 Aluminum Sheet

Aluminum sheet is aluminum material with thickness greater than 0.2mm to less than 500mm, width greater than 200mm and length less than 16m, called aluminum plate or aluminum sheet. Aluminum plate is a rectangular plate rolled from aluminum ingot, which is divided into pure aluminum plate, alloy aluminum plate, thin aluminum plate, medium-thick aluminum plate and patterned aluminum plate.
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6463 Aluminum Sheet/Plate Manufacturer 

6463 aluminum alloy is a medium strength alloy. Often referred to as a decorative alloy, this use can be enhanced by chemical brightening. 6463 aluminum alloy is an aluminum alloy in the forged aluminum-magnesium-silicon family (6000 or 6xxx series). It is related to 6063 aluminum alloy (Aluminum Association names that differ only in the second digit are variations of the same alloy), but unlike 6063, it is not usually formed using any process other than extrusion. It is usually heat treated to produce a higher strength but lower ductility temperature. Like 6063, it is often used in construction applications.

6463 Aluminum Plate Details

Product 6463 Aluminum Sheet Plate


Grade 1000series:1050/1060/1070/1080/1100/1350/1050A/1090/1200/1530
Thickness 1.5-400mm
Width 100-2200mm
Length 500-10000mm
Service Perforated, Cutting special size, Doing flatness,  Surface treatment,etc
Executive Standard GB/DIN/ANSI/BS/JIS/ASTM/BS
Certificate SGS/BV/MTC/IOS/CE
Delivery time 7-15 days after deposit
Packaging  Details Standard export package
One 20GP container can load about 18-20 tons  Aluminium Sheet
One 40GP container can load about 24 tons  Aluminium Sheet

6463 aluminum sheet chemical composition

Chemical  Elements Metric English
Aluminum, Al <= 97.9 % <= 97.9 %
Copper,  Cu <= 0.20  % <= 0.20  %
Iron,  Fe <= 0.15  % <= 0.15  %
Magnesium,  Mg 0.45 -  0.90 % 0.45 -  0.90 %
Manganese,  Mn <= 0.05  % <= 0.05  %
Other,  each <= 0.05  % <= 0.05  %
Other,  total <= 0.15  % <= 0.15  %
Silicon,  Si 0.20 -  0.60 % 0.20 -  0.60 %
Zinc,  Zn <= 0.05  % <= 0.05  %

6463 aluminum sheet Mechanical Properties

Mechanical  Properties Metric English Comments
Hardness,  Brinell 60 60 AA; Typical; 500 g load;  10 mm ball
Hardness,  Knoop 80 80 Converted  from Brinell Hardness Value
Hardness,  Vickers 68 68 Converted  from Brinell Hardness Value
Tensile  Strength, Ultimate 186 MPa 27000 psi AA;  Typical
Tensile  Strength, Yield 145 MPa 21000 psi AA;  Typical
Elongation at Break 12% 12% AA; Typical
@Thickness  1.59 mm @Thickness 0.0625 in
Modulus  of Elasticity 68.9 GPa 10000 ksi AA;  Typical; Average of tension and compression. Compression modulus is about 2%  greater than tensile modulus.
Poissons  Ratio 0.33 0.33 Estimated  from trends in similar Al alloys.
Fatigue Strength 68.9 MPa 10000 psi completely reversed stress; RR Moore machine/specimen
@# of Cycles  5.00e+8 @# of Cycles 5.00e+8
Shear  Modulus 26.0 GPa 3770 ksi Estimated  from similar Al alloys.
Shear  Strength 117 MPa 17000 psi AA;  Typical

Electrical Properties Metric English Comments
Electrical Resistivity 0.00000316 ohm-cm 0.00000316 ohm-cm AA;  Typical
@Temperature  20.0 °C @Temperature 68.0 °F

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Aluminium PlateAluminum Sheet

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