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Applications and classification of 1060 patterned aluminum sheet

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1060 patterned aluminum plate for industrial pure aluminum, with high plasticity, corrosion resistance, electrical and thermal conductivity, but low strength, heat treatment can not strengthen the machinability is not good; gas welding, hydrogen atomic welding and combat welding, not easy to braze; easy to encounter a variety of pressure processing and elongation, bending.

Aluminium Plate

The use of 1060 patterned aluminum plate

1, orange peel aluminum alloy pattern plate is divided into: classic orange peel pattern aluminum plate, variation orange peel pattern aluminum plate (also known as bug pattern). It is the common pattern series products for refrigerator, air conditioner and packaging. Its name appears similar to the orange peel pattern, so it can also be called orange peel pattern aluminum plate.

2, compass aluminum alloy pattern plate: non-slip aluminum plate, and five bars play the same effect, but not often used.

The actual aluminum alloy is a good choice for your business. The company has been widely used in construction (flooring) platform design and other aspects. Because the pattern of the aluminum plate name is in accordance with the five concave and convex pattern in accordance with the absolute parallel set, and each pattern and other patterns appear between 60-80 degrees angle, so this pattern has excellent anti-slip performance. Xuzhou aluminum plate manufacturers we usually use this kind of aluminum plate as anti-slip and use, has excellent anti-slip consequences, the price plus cheap.

1060 pattern aluminum plate classification

1060 patterned aluminum plate, 1060 aluminum plate aluminum content of 99.6% or more is also known as pure aluminum patterned plate, in the aluminum plate manufacturers Jincheng aluminum belongs to a common series. The advantages of this series of aluminum plate: zui for the commonly used series, the production process is relatively single, the technology is absolutely relatively mature, the price is absolutely great advantage over other higher alloy aluminum plate. There are excellent elongation as well as tensile strength, complete to meet the customary processing requirements (stamping, stretching) high formability.

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