Nickel Chromium Alloy

Nickel-chromium alloys are valued for their high corrosion resistance, high-temperature strength and high electrical resistance. For example, Nichrome 70/30 alloy, also known as Ni70Cr30, Nikrothal 70, Resistohm 70 and X30H70, has a melting point of 1380oC and a resistivity of 1.18 μΩ-m. Heating elements, such as toasters and other resistance heaters, use Nichrome alloys.
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About nickel chromium alloy

Nichrome (also known as NiCr, nickel-chromium or chromium-nickel)is a family of alloys of nickel, chromium and iron (and possibly other elements) commonly used as resistance wire, heating elements in toasters, kettles and space heaters, etc., some dental restorations (fillings) and several other applications.

Nickel-chromium alloy synonyms

Nichrome, 12605-70-8, nickel-chromium, chromium-nickel,nickel chrome,

Ni-Cr, NiCr, Cr-Ni, CrNi, Chromel, Brightray, Supertherm, Chromium, compd. with nickel (1:1);

Raney nickel chromium, Ni:Cr; 80:20 wt%

Nickel-Chromium Alloy Characteristics Table

MaterialNickel Chrome Alloys
Composition: Ni/14-46Cr + some combination of Fe Mo Cu Co Si Ti W Al + others

PropertyMinimum Value (S.I.)Maximum Value (S.I.)Units (S.I.)Minimum Value (Imp.)Maximum Value (Imp.)Units (Imp.)
Atomic  Volume (average)0.00650.0072m3/kmol396.654439.371in3/kmol
Energy  Content40200MJ/kg4333.5521667.7kcal/lb
Bulk  Modulus110205GPa15.954129.7327106 psi
Compressive  Strength1702100MPa24.6564304.579ksi
Elastic  Limit1702100MPa24.6564304.579ksi
Endurance  Limit1301150MPa18.8549166.793ksi
Fracture  Toughness65150MPa.m1/259.153136.507ksi.in1/2
Loss  Coefficient9.00E-050.0013
Modulus of  Rupture1702100MPa24.6564304.579ksi
Poisson's  Ratio0.260.325
Shear  Modulus55100GPa7.9770714.5038106 psi
Tensile  Strength3302300MPa47.8625333.587ksi
Young's  Modulus150245GPa21.755735.5342106 psi
Glass  Temperature


Latent  Heat of Fusion275320kJ/kg118.228137.575BTU/lb
Maximum  Service Temperature10701473K1466.332191.73°F
Melting  Point14751710K2195.332618.33°F
Minimum  Service Temperature00K-459.67-459.67°F
Specific  Heat380500J/kg.K0.2940660.386929BTU/lb.F
Thermal  Conductivity817W/m.K14.976331.8246BTU.ft/h.ft2.F
Thermal  Expansion91610-6/K16.228.810-6/°F
Breakdown  Potential


Dielectric  Constant

Resistivity8424010-8 ohm.m8424010-8 ohm.m

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